New NZKF covid-19 regulations and requirements regarding kendo training

Dear NZKF members
As a Federation, we have tried to be as responsible and responsive as possible with
government recommendations regarding COVID-19 and how we practice Kendo in NZ.
With the current situation of increasing numbers of cases with COVID and widespread
community transmission, the Board have reviewed the current NZKF recommendations on training and
have put forward a new proposal for kendo training.

The current mandatory requirements (as per the NZ government) that DO NOT change are:

• Members and visitors are vaccinated
• Contact tracing
• Hand hygiene
• Masks (non-cloth) to be worn at all times by everyone inside the dojo
• One-meter social distancing
• If unwell, stay away and seek medical advice

The new NZKF proposal for kendo bogu training is as follows:

• Unrestricted jigeiko and shiai but face shields only to be worn with no kiai
• No tsubazeriai – get used to this as this will become the new normal
• One-meter distancing
• Limit of 20 minutes or best of individual physical ability

Non-bogu training is permitted but masks are strongly encouraged and no kiai

The Board wishes to move forward with this proposal commencing Monday 07 March 2022.

As always, anybody with symptoms must not train and the emphasis is on keeping each other safe
while being able to practice kendo in a responsible manner.

Please note: if there are any major changes in government mandates then the NZKF Board is obligated
to review this new training proposal and modify it accordingly.
Kindest regards

Darryl Tong Medical Advisor
On behalf of the NZKF Board