Board of Directors Update, Draft Strategic Plan and Zoom Meeting Invitation

Dear Kendo Leaders,

I hope this email finds you all well in the New Year.  COVID-19 made 2020 an unusual and challenging year for people all around the world, impacting on family, education, work and health.  For these reasons, quite understandably, many of our members, kendo during this time may not have been the highest priority in their lives.  I hope you have successfully navigated whatever challenges this time has presented you with.

While there was some disruption to kendo, we all have been able to return to training according to the guidelines issued by the NZKF.  Kenshi in many other countries are less fortunate.  To that extent I would encourage you and your members to take advantage of the situation that New Zealand enjoys and continue with your training and kendo journey during this time.

As you know, last year there was a substantial change in the governance and management structure of the NZKF.  A Governance Board was established to focus on the strategic direction, leaving the Management Board to focus on the running of the Federation.  This change was even more significant with the previous Management Team stepping down – many having served NZ Kendo in those positions for many years.

With Board members based in the North Island, South Island and Japan, we have been meeting regularly via zoom meetings on Friday evenings. Up to this point the focus of the Governance Board has been to get an understanding of:

• the current situation of the NZKF;

• the things that must be progressed to embed the new structure;

• what must be in place to ensure business as usual can continue; and• how to take NZKF forward into the future.

There is a lot to do. This is exciting – because it means there is great scope to foster further development of Kendo in New Zealand. At this stage it is clear to the Board that:

• First and foremost we need clarity about why we exist, what outcomes we are ultimately seeking and what initiatives we are going to undertake in order to get there

• Secondly we need to prioritise what initiatives we will take on in the short term. Like all small voluntary organizations with limited resources, we need to be really smart about what we focus on, why and when.

• Finally the Board cannot do everything, we are going to need the contribution and cooperation of yourselves and the wider membership.

If we want to be a credible organization with clear direction, we need a Strategic Plan. We have developed some initial thinking. We are aware that the plan needs to resonate with key leaders in the Federation and so we are seeking your feedback at this early stage. We value your opinion, because as leaders in the community, you will be influential in helping to engage your membership in the plan once it has reached a more finalised state.

The plan is not complete – so far, we have come up with a draft:

• Vision

• Mission

• Goals

Once we are happy with these – the next step will be to identify and prioritise the key initiatives the Federation will need to undertake (in the short/medium and long term) to realise the goals, mission and vision.

It is important to get the Vision, Mission and Goals right – as these will be the goal posts towards which our plans will focus on moving us towards.  

With that in mind, it would be appreciated if you can take some time to read and consider the draft ideas we have formulated to date.  (Don’t worry too much about the presentation and graphics – they are simply indicative of our desire to create a simple, easy to read and engaging document for a diverse readership).

You will be invited to a zoom meeting that will take place on Saturday March 6th at 1pm where you all can provide your feedback or ask any questions you may have.  

Draft Strategic Plan


Alan Stephenson


New Zealand Kendo Federation Board of Directors (NZKFBOD)